PAINtalks 2018 Winner

The PAINtalks Committee is proud to announce the winner of the PAINtalks 2018 Contest, AYMERIC AVERLANT!

His lecture, Fibromyalgia, the silent epidemic, widely raised public interest after the event.

The team wishes to congratulate all the participants of the 2018 edition, who have all done very well performances. You can watch these videos in the tab “PAINtalks Videos”.

Check out the PAINtalks 2019 tab for information on submissions for the 2019 edition! Application opening soon!


Aymeric Averlant – Biography

Aymeric is an undergraduate student in Biomedical Sciences at Université Laval and a research trainee in the Neurostimulation et Clinical Neuroscience laboratory of the CHU de Québec under the supervision of Dr. Cyril Schneider. Attracted by the subject of fibromyalgia, he studies the current scientific knowledge and therapies/treatments available. The objective of a research project in development focuses on the use of neurostimulation as a treatment for fibromyalgia.